Summer Issue is Here

The ninth edition of the One Voice Blackburn  magazine is here. The magazine was launched in June 2022 and is produced every quarter .

The One Voice Blackburn magazine includes community based features, columnists, designers, health related articles and much more material. Our young people at One Voice Blackburn will be at the forefront of the editorial and production alongside seasoned journalists, columnists , designers and photographers. 

We aim to include key community messages, education and entertaining material. The articles will focus on relevant, up to date news topics that are specific to our community and Blackburn as a whole. Just because an achievement isn’t ground breaking on a national level does not mean that that achievement is not worth reporting on. The magazine will make these feats feel more important by sharing them with our community, fostering a greater feeling of community spirit. 

There are so many good stories to tell about our town, our home. We intend to tell them. There are also some challenges that we need to face. We will tackle them. There are many heroes in our communities. We will celebrate them. 

The most important piece of this enterprise is the readers. We welcome your support as well as your feedback. Ultimately this is your magazine. 

Zaffer Khan Chief Executive Officer
One Voice Blackburn

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