The East End Boys group was officially launched at the One Voice Awards Dinner 2019.

The boy’s group is made up of 11 to 16 year olds from Blackburn. We aim to create the next generation of young gentlemen in the community. There is a deliberate focus on respect, a high standard of manners and outstanding behaviour. The other key emphasis is to move the boys away from their comfort zones and challenge them through innovative engagement methods.

The EEBS will develop key skills including confidence, public speaking and leadership. The group also work on projects such as health inequalities, cohesion and understanding their local environment.

The activities and challenges will help the EEBS gain knowledge and provide them with the cultural capital that they will need to be successful in later life. 

Mini East End Boys (Mini EEBs) is the younger brother of East End Boys. Set up in 2021 the group is aimed at boys aged between 5 and 10. 

There is a strong focus on teamwork, confidence and engagement within the sessions to encourage the young participants to come out of their comfort zones. We offer unique opportunities for members to thrive and develop specialised skills. 

Key activities for our Mini East End Boys include arts and crafts, computer skills, sport, litter picking and outdoor excursions including sleepovers.

East End Boys Sport focuses on organised sports, providing young males with the opportunity to engage in a variety of sports in a safe and fun environment. 

Our East End Boys sports group encourages individuals to make new friends, improve their confidence, leadership, stay active and learn new skills. 

The outdoor sessions are run by experienced coaches that assist in learning the importance of focus, respect, and teamwork. There is a strong focus on football, developing skills and adapting rules in a competitive game. 

Registration and Session fees apply.