Record Numbers Sign Up to Ramadan Initiative

As part of an on-going award-winning community cohesion initiative, One Voice Blackburn is inviting individuals and organisations to fast for a day in 2022.

‘I’m not a Muslim but I will fast (for one day),’ is now in its 8th year, with members of the public, officials from major local organisations from the public and private sector, and One Voice members taking part. The campaign has been recognised nationally in a series of awards since it began.

Ramadan is the holy Islamic month where Muslims forgo food and water between sunrise and sunset. Ramadan begins around 3rd April, and will last for 29 or 30 days, culminating in the Eid festival.

Jan Larkin, Chief Executive Officer, Nightsafe took part in the campaign in the last two years, said “Last year was my second year of fasting and it’s something I’ll now do every year, for me it is an opportunity to share this time with friends and colleagues.”

“It’s been a learning experience for me, a time for understanding and reflection. I commit to one day, I am so in awe of those doing it every day but as it’s been said it’s also a way of ‘recharging the spiritual battery’, regardless of faith we all need that”.

Sundas Bakhat, Marketing Manager, at One Voice Blackburn, said: “Ramadan is the time of year when the Muslim community take time to reflect on their lives and their spirituality. “

We are encouraged to see record numbers willing to take part in 2022. It shows the level of genuine interest and connectedness among the communities of Blackburn and beyond.”

For those interested in taking
part in April 2022 email: