Sara Completes 15,000 Feet Sky Dive

Another West End Girl took the plunge and completed a skydive at Black Knights Parachute Centre last month. 16 year old Sara Hussain followed in the footsteps of fellow WEGs Sana Hanslod and Aliyah Bangi to complete a skydive from a staggering 15,000ft. 

Sara was supported by her friends at One Voice Blackburn including Hafsah Khonat and Sana Hanslod. She had previously witnessed the experience last year when she went down as moral support for Sana. 

Leading up to the jump Sara was extremely nervous but equally excited. She was in the safe hands of the highly qualified and very experienced instructors who took care of everything. Sara had attended iFly indoor skydiving in Manchester on many occasions to prepare for the ultimate day. 

“Even though I had been to iFly many times, nothing could have prepared me for the actual jump,” says Witton Park student Sara.

“It was incredible on so many different levels. My heart was racing with all the adrenaline pumping. The experience was exhilarating and unimaginable. I felt extremely proud of myself for going through with it. Having Sana and Hafsah with my really helped to calm my nerves.”

One Voice Blackburn aim to provide unique opportunities for all their young members. Completing a skydive is a bucket list item that you would never think of achieving at such a young age. Sana Hanslod who completed the skydive last year had a similar experience to Sara. 

She adds “I found the parachute jump so exhilarating. It was one of the best things that I have ever done. I would definitely recommend people young or old to try it as it almost feels as though you’re flying. I will definitely be doing it again. I am grateful to One Voice Blackburn for giving me the opportunity.”

The initiative empowers and uplifts young people to achieve things beyond their imagination. The girls continue to inspire a whole host of young people to grasp opportunities and experience remarkable things. 

Aliyah Bangi who was the first WEG to complete a skydive hopes that her experience creates a lasting impression on others.  “I want other people to see what we are doing, especially girls of my age and background, and become inspired to try these exciting and testing experiences. It truly is a once in a lifetime adventure.”