Tree Planting Event Sees Groups Go Back to their Roots

One Voice Blackburn joined local communities in a tree planting initiative.

One Voice Blackburn joined local communities in a tree planting initiative.

Tree planting in Blackburn with Darwen is a project which has seen residents within the borough come together in order to combat climate change and improve the local surroundings.

The Big Climate Fightback is a collective effort. Trees are essential for many reasons and within Blackburn with Darwen, our tree coverage is lower than the national average by 4%. This is one of the many reasons, the project has been started here with local residents demonstrating their passion and commitment to tackle the issue. Trees absorb the carbon dioxide, which  is crucial – we need to lock up the carbon- and emit oxygen, they prevent flooding and improve well-being. 

Members of One Voice Blackburn joined communities in Pleckgate to plant as many as 500 trees on a bright, but chilly Sunday morning. 

Groups including Mini WEGs, WEGs, Mini East End Boys and the 1V women’s groups all took part.The young people thoroughly enjoyed the experience of digging, planting and securing the young trees. They were able to explain why this was crucial for the environment but talking about carbon dioxide, oxygen and the ozone layer. 

The two hour long session was organised by Chris Truckle from Blackburn with Darwen Adult Learning and Councillor Phil Riley was also in attendance. Chris spoke to the individuals about the correct way to plant the trees, after which they all pitched in. 

A local gardener, Sagir Ahmed stated, “It’s a wonderful turnout, great to see families and especially the young children getting involved in such a useful and positive venture.”

Local resident Mehirvesh added, “It is a wonderful day to be planting and be out with the children. They are learning new skills while preserving our environment.”

Parent Isma Sajid described the morning as ‘educational, invigorating  and fun’.

Individuals from the award winning WEGS group worked with the Mini Wegs to create their own plot and ensuring the trees were planted the requisite distance apart. The Mini EEBs searched for trees which may have been left around and distributed these to each group, showing their competitiveness by attempting to collect as many as possible. 

“The tree planting today was a great experience,” said Anilah Shafiq who is a young member at One Voice Blackburn. “We were all eager to plant one tree after another. It was also excellent to see how the trees had taken over a completely blank area of land by the time we finished.”

Faz Patel who lives a stones throw away from the field expressed what a fantastic and inspiring sight it was to see the young members of One Voice Blackburn contributing towards the Big Climate Fightback.

“In a few years time, as the trees flourish, they will benefit many lives. Well done to everyone involved,” added Faz Patel.