One Voice Blackburn has collaborated with Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council to launch a StayWellThisWinter campaign to encourage the uptake of Vitamin D supplements.

Over 5000 leaflets and posters have been circulated throughout Blackburn with Darwen, as well as an extensive social media campaign to encourage more people to take Vitamin D supplements.


  • Vitamin D is crucial to support bone and muscle health
  • Over time a lack of vitamin D, can lead to bone deformities in children and painful bones in adults
  • The best way to make vitamin D is from direct sunlight on the skin
  • During winter up to 40% of UK adults may have low Vitamin D levels (NICE 2022)
  • All adults and children over 4 years should consider taking a daily Vitamin D supplement during autumn and winter of 10 micrograms (400 IU)

You may also not get enough vitamin D year round if you:

  • Have darker skin e.g. you have a south Asian, African or African-Caribbean background


  • Usually wear clothes that cover up most of your skin
  • Are not often outdoors or are housebound
  • Adults in these groups may wish to take a higher daily Vitamin D supplement all year round. This should be no more than 100 micrograms (4,000IU)

Please speak to you pharmacist before taking Vitamin D supplements if you have any underlying health conditions 

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