we support our town

One Voice began a campaign to bolster support for Blackburn to become a city, which then led to the creation of a video to promote the town.

One Voice Blackburn supported the #BackingBlackburn campaign launched by the council in a bid to land city status as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in 2022. Ultumately the bid was unsuccessful but some of the campaigning came in for much praise.

The charity had asked their members and other residents to choose a famous landmark in the town and be photographed with the caption – Blackburn, we live it, we breathe it, we love it. Images from the campaign have featured on bus shelters and digital screens around the town.

Landmarks such as King George’s Hall, Ewood Park, and Corporation Park all featured in the campaign. All the people who feature in the campaign live in Blackburn.

Alisha Seedat, member of One Voice Blackburns West End Girls group starred in a video showcasing the best of Blackburn. The video supported by Arts Council England  showed Alisha walk through the town taking in various landmarks including Corporation Park, Cathedral Square and King Gerorges Hall.

Chief Executive Zaffer Khan, who developed the campaign is passionate about Blackburn.

“As someone who was born in Blackburn and still lives in Blackburn I recognise the unique qualities of the place that I call home. Although the city bid did not go our way we felt it imortant that we continue with the We Love Blackburn brand as it really showcases some great places alongside local people.”

One Voice produced a further video in 2023, launched at the 1V Awards Dinner 2024, where young people were transported ‘Back to 1984’.